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Our mission

We set out to combine our passions for eating good food and doing good business. That’s how Edem Food was born.

As a direct importer of organics, we provide a clear choice that we believe is a better choice. When our customers do business with us, they not only purchase high quality organics for less but also encourage sustainable farming around the world. We look to do more than governments or NGOs in our support of indigenous farmers, teaching all we know and trading fairly, so that a farmer in Nepal, for instance, can grow extraordinary ginger, traditionally and sustainably, and a cook in Sweden can bake delicious ginger cakes. That’s our reason for being, that and loving the taste of beautiful, natural food.

About Our Founder and CEO

Alesia Timoshyna grew up on the steppes of the Ukraine, where most everything on her family’s table came from their organic garden, though they had no idea what organic was.

As a student, she majored in international economics and business. After university, she moved to Norway, where she admired the thoughtful lifestyle she found there, the focus on long-term rather than immediate outcomes. Today, wherever her business takes her, Alesia travels deep into the countryside to discover what indigenous people — not unlike her own family — grow and eat, so she can share this local, sustainable bounty far and wide.

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