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Supporting Local Farmers in Africa – Our Journey around the Continent

In order to find the best quality products and support local farmers directly we set out on a 1 year expedition around the African continent in our old Toyota Hilux camper. Our journey so far has led us discover and import the highest quality organics direct from African farmers to the consumer.

Africa is unique as most products are grown organically on small hold farms without the use of pesticides as there are often no funds present for importing chemicals. Roads are often in very poor condition and it can take hours to reach remote areas where crops are grown.

Through buying direct from the farmers and removing middle men we can provide them with higher than market prices for their crop to further sustain their family farms. Our support for small hold organic farmers creates a win win opportunity as it provides us with the highest quality products whether cashew, papaya, mango, pineapple or jack fruit and in the meantime provides market access to farmers in remote areas.

Apart from supporting local communities we also reduce the carbon footprint of our products as they are sent direct from the nearest airport in Africa to Europe bypassing a long supply chain that leads to Asia for low cost automated processing and back to Europe or North America.

Unfortunately with the influx of COVID we made the decision to take a well need break from our sourcing trip, once borders open again we will return to Tanzania to conclude the journey in east Africa meeting current and new producers along the way.

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