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Why do we choose organic?

Surprisingly, the more civilization develops, the less real it remains.

Instant pasta instead of a hot lunch, monosodium glutamate instead of spices, energy instead of a good sleep. Yes, and the relationship becomes some kind of plastic, worn out and faded, books and films are written about real friendship through the years and love until the last breath, but rarely seen in life …

That is why we at Edem Food chose organics. After all, organic products are not just vegetables and fruits grown without chemicals (although this is very important!), It is much more. Organics is:

Fair pay for farm labor.
A modern economic model leaves a person overboard. The lower the cost and the higher the market price – the better. If you can pay manufacturers even less – that’s right. If someone dumps himself at a loss – excellent, because the rest is profitable. If you manage to shake off the buyer every penny – unheard of luck!

We do not like it.
We are personally familiar with each manufacturer of our products, we saw how they live, stroked the heads of their children, we know how hard they work – we, city dwellers and office workers, can never succeed. And we adequately pay for their work.

Prices for organic products are always higher – but this money does not go into the pocket of intermediaries, but to educate the children of farmers, to improve their lives.


Healthy foods without chemicals

Modern chemical products have made life easier for farmers, abandoning them adds a lot of work – and, unfortunately, also affects the price. But we are not ready for compromises, because it is important for us to offer you the best and most useful.


Preserving traditions

Traveling around Africa, we saw that local farmers often still cultivate the land and take care of the crop in the same way as many generations of their ancestors did. This is an invaluable section of culture that does not disappear only thanks to ours – yours! – Support for organic producers.

We are just tired of the artificial, so we choose the present – and we suggest you do the same.

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